Baby Bathing Checklist

Everything you could possibly need to get kids squeaky clean. Use our comprehensive list to discover what's available and why you might need it, then create your own checklist or download ours.

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Understanding Your Baby Bathing Supplies

You don’t have to buy everything on this list. We’ve spent 16 years researching bathing products and put together this list of absolutely everything you might find useful, along with reasons why.

Now it’s your turn to choose what will work for you.


An apron towel is designed with an apron-style neckline for easy wear during baby bath time. It helps keep you dry while your bathing your baby and offers peace of mind that your baby won’t slip from your hands.

A baby bath is a small tub designed specifically for bathing babies. It provides a safe and comfortable space for bathtime, ensuring support and security.

Baby lotion is a gentle moisturising cream formulated specifically for a baby’s delicate skin. It helps keep your baby’s skin soft, hydrated, and protected.

Baby oil is specially formulated for your baby’s delicate skin, often used for massage or moisturising after baths. It helps maintain the baby’s skin hydration and can promote bonding during massage sessions.

A baby scale is designed to accurately measure the weight of infants. It helps parents monitor their baby’s growth and development.

Baby shampoo is a mild shampoo designed for the sensitive scalp of babies. It cleanses gently without causing irritation to the baby’s eyes or skin.

A spout cover is designed to fit over the faucet in the bathtub, preventing bumps and injuries to the baby during bath time.

Baby wash is a gentle cleanser formulated specifically for a baby’s delicate skin. It effectively cleanses without drying out the skin.

A bath book is a waterproof book designed for babies to enjoy during bath time. It can make bath time more enjoyable and can encourage early literacy development.

A bath dam is a barrier used to divide a bathtub, creating a smaller bathing space for babies. It helps conserve water and provides a cosier environment for bathing.

A bath doll is a waterproof doll designed for babies to play with during bath time. It can help make bath time more enjoyable and can encourage imaginative play.

A bath flower is a soft, flower-shaped pad that fits in a sink and is used for bathing newborns. It provides a space-saving (and back-saving) solution to bathing newborns, especially if you don’t have a bath.

A bath hat is a protective ring worn by babies during bath time to prevent water and shampoo from getting into their eyes and face.

A plug cover is placed over the bathtub drain to prevent accidental finger injuries and blockage. It ensures a safer bath environment for the baby.

A bath seat is a supportive seat designed to help infants sit upright in the bathtub. It provides added stability and security during bath time.

A bath stand is used to elevate the baby bathtub to a convenient height for parents during bath time. It helps reduce strain on the back and knees.

A bath support is a cushioned support designed to help keep infants secure and comfortable during baths. It provides additional assistance for parents during bath time.

A bath thermometer is a device used to measure the temperature of the bathwater, ensuring it’s safe and comfortable for the baby’s sensitive skin.

Bath toy storage are containers or organisers used to store bath toys when not in use. It helps keep the bathroom tidy and organised.

Bath toys are specifically designed for use in water during bath time. They can entertain and engage the baby, making bath time more enjoyable.

Bubble bath is a gentle foaming bath product formulated for babies’ sensitive skin. It can add fun and excitement to bath time while gently cleansing the skin.

Cotton balls are soft and absorbent balls made of cotton, used for various purposes during baby care, including cleaning delicate areas like the eyes and ears.

A face washer is a soft cloth used to gently cleanse the baby’s face during bath time. It helps remove dirt and residue without causing irritation.

A hair brush is a soft-bristled brush designed for use on a baby’s delicate scalp. It helps detangle hair and stimulate the scalp gently.

A hair rinser is a container designed with a spout specifically for rinsing shampoo or soap from the baby’s hair during bath time. It ensures thorough rinsing without getting water in the baby’s eyes.

A hooded bath towel is a towel with a hood attached, designed to wrap around the baby’s body and head after a bath. It helps keep the baby warm and cosy while drying off.

An inflatable baby bath is a portable and convenient bathtub designed for infants, offering easy storage, travel-friendly versatility, and a safe bathing environment

A knee pad is a cushioned pad worn on the knees to provide comfort and support for parents or caregivers during bath time, especially when kneeling beside the bathtub.

A non-slip mat is a textured mat placed inside the bathtub to provide traction and prevent slipping accidents during bath time. It enhances safety for both the baby and the caregiver.

A shower chair is a reclining chair designed for young babies to sit on during showering. It provides a comfortable and safe space to wash your baby in a shower.

A plastic scoop is your best friend when a little deposit arrives in the bath and you want to grab something to fish the Pollywaffle out quick-smart.

Talc-free powder is a gentle powder used to absorb moisture and prevent diaper rash. Talc-free formulas are safer for use on babies’ delicate skin.

A washer mitt is a soft mitt worn on the hand for gentle cleansing during bath time. It provides a convenient way to wash the baby’s body while protecting the caregiver’s hand.

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