Breastfeeding Checklist

Everything you could possibly need to start breastfeeding. Use our list to discover what's available and why you might need it, then create your own checklist or download ours.

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Organising your Breastfeeding Gear

Ever been stuck in a "nap trap"? It's when your baby nods off during breastfeeding, and you're afraid to budge in case they wake up. Having all your essentials within arm's reach is a real lifesaver.

Understanding Your Breastfeeding Tools

You don’t have to buy everything on this list. We’ve spent 16 years researching breastfeeding products and put together this list of absolutely everything you might find useful, along with reasons why.

Now it’s your turn to choose what will work for you.


Baby bottles are used for feeding expressed breast milk. They consist of a glass or plastic bottle, a teat, cap, and offer an alternative feeding method if breastfeeding isn’t possible. See our top ten baby bottles.

Breast pads are absorbent pads, worn inside a nursing bra, that soak up milk leaks, preventing stains and keeping your clothes and skin dry. See our top ten breast pads.

A breastfeeding caddy is a portable organiser designed to create an organised and easily accessible space, to store and carry essentials like nipple cream, breast pads, water bottles, and breast pumps.

Breastfeeding probiotics are live microorganisms taken to boost gut health and potentially reduce the risk of mastitis, a breast infection during breastfeeding.

Burp cloths are absorbent cloths for catching spit-up, drool, and other messes. So handy.

A colostrum syringe is a small syringe for collecting and feeding colostrum, the nutrient-packed first milk if your newborn struggles to latch effectively straightaway.

An electric breast pump is a machine that uses suction to express milk efficiently and with less effort than a manual breast pump. See our top ten electric breast pumps.

Gel packs are cold or hot packs to relieve breast pain and swelling, useful for engorgement, mastitis, or nipple soreness.

Hydration powders are electrolyte-rich drinks to replenish fluids and electrolytes lost during breastfeeding.

A lactation ball is a small, massaging ball to stimulate milk production, especially beneficial for women struggling to produce enough milk.

Lactation cookies are cookies made with ingredients like oats, flaxseed, and fenugreek believed to promote milk production. See our top ten lactation cookies.

Lactation tea is a herbal tea made with ingredients thought to enhance milk production. See our top ten lactation teas.

A manual breast pump is a hand-operated, portable, and less expensive option compared to electric breast pumps.

A milk catcher is a small, silicone cup worn over the non-feeding breast to catch leaks, prevent stains and collect milk for later use. See our top ten milk catchers.

Milk storage bags are freezer-safe bags for convenient and affordable breast milk storage, available in single-use or reusable options. See our top ten milk storage bags.

Nipple cream is a moisturiser for soothing and protecting nipples from soreness and cracking. See our top ten nipple creams.

A nipple massager is a small, handheld device to massage nipples and stimulate milk production.

Nipple shields are thin, silicone covers placed over nipples to protect them from pain during breastfeeding, especially helpful for women experiencing nipple pain, thrush, or fungal infections. See our top ten nipple shields.

A nursing bra is a specially designed bra for easy breastfeeding access. See our top ten nursing bras.

A nursing chair is a comfortable, supportive chair designed for breastfeeding, enhancing comfort and preventing back pain. See our top ten nursing chairs.

A nursing cover is a lightweight fabric cover worn over the breast for privacy during public breastfeeding, also protecting your baby from the sun and wind. See our top ten nursing covers.

Silver nipple shields are made from pure silver and provide a natural antibacterial solution while healing nipples.

A nursing necklace is a baby-safe piece of jewellery to keep your baby entertained during breastfeeding.

A nursing pillow is a U-shaped pillow designed to support your baby and your arms during breastfeeding, improving comfort and baby’s latch. See our top ten breastfeeding pillows.

Nursing tops are specially designed tops with easy-access openings for discreet breastfeeding. See our top ten breastfeeding tops.

A pumping bra is a specially designed bra that holds your breast pump in place while pumping. See our top ten pumping bras.

A sports nursing bra is a supportive bra designed to keep your breasts in place and prevent leaks during exercise. See our top ten sports nursing bras.

A steriliser is a device used to keep baby bottles, teats, and pump parts germ-free by using heat, steam or UV light. See our top ten bottle sterilisers.

A trolley on wheels is a convenient way to store all your breastfeeding essentials and is easy to move around the house with you, keeping everything within reach.

A wearable breast pump is a hands-free breast pump that fits inside your bra, allowing you to express milk on the go or during daily activities. See our top ten wearable pumps.


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