Gift Guide: Four year olds

Gift Guide for four year olds

Your pre-schooler is bursting to learn and develop. Four year olds are lively and social and kinder will help them on their way to becoming school-ready. They’re curious about the world, they love ‘helping’ and they are keen to learn new concepts. Constructing marble runs or giant jigsaws is super fun!

Here are our picks for the best educational and enjoyable gifts for four year olds: things to make, read and play with.


Header Ribbon: What they're doing

  • Climbing
  • Swinging
  • Skipping
  • Imaginative pretend play
  • Creative and artistic play
  • Helping with cooking and gardening
  • Drawing people and shapes
  • Cutting and pasting
  • Counting
  • Talking (a lot!)

Header Ribbon: Gifts they'll love

  • Marble runs
  • Doll & dolls clothes
  • Art and craft kits
  • Early science toys
  • Jigsaws & floor puzzles
  • Dress ups
  • Kinder bag
  • Swim bag
  • Puppets
  • Garden tools
  • Matching games
  • Cooking sets
  • Construction sets
  • Figurines
  • Music CDs
  • Hair accessories