parents calling santa

Parents Calling Santa

The promise that Santa knows if you’ve been a good girl or boy is a superpower for parents at this time of year. Convince the […]


If your child is beyond little kid apps yet too young for big kid gaming, this game app is chock full of games and challenges […]

Paint My Wings

In a twist on standard colouring apps, whatever you paint on one side appears as a mirror image on the opposite wing. Preschoolers will enjoy […]

Paper Town Friends

When a Martha Stewart art director develops an app you know it’s going to be good! The simple pleasure of playing paper dolls is reinvented […]

My guy iGuy

Designed to fit both the iPad and the iPad2, this bold cutie will protect your prized possession and keep it safe from adventurous and sometimes […]

Glow Draw!

This simple app combines two things kids love: drawing and shiny things…think your basic drawing app with a bright twist. Your finger becomes a glow […]


Featuring grids of faces which show and name different emotions when tapped, this is a simple app that little people love! Children will be delighted […]

Racing Penguin, Flying

For birds that can’t fly, these gorgeous racers really soar! This simple slide and fly game is easy to play but challenging enough to appeal […]

Huggable technology

Love your iPhone? Then sleep with it! The soft and squishable iCushion means you can snuggle up with your tech love and not worry about […]

Mama DJ

Get your bub groovin’ while you’re movin’! The WOON Portable iDoll may look like a cute plush toy, but it has speakers and an inbuilt […]

Monster Trucks Nitro 2

Boys from 2 years to grandad will love this action packed, easy to use racing app with great graphics. Yes the monster trucks are cool […]