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Quality of information

We want you to have the best experience possible when using the Mum’s Grapevine website, so we always make sure to update our information regularly and do our best to ensure its quality. However, we want to remind you that it’s important to carefully evaluate the information you find on our site or within our social pages and groups to make sure it’s accurate, up-to-date, complete, and relevant for your purposes.

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Mum’s Grapevine Facebook page, Facebook groups and Instagram page.

We want to give you some important information about using Mum’s Grapevine’s Facebook and Instagram pages and groups.

Firstly, we want to make it clear that any opinions or advice expressed by users in our Facebook groups do not represent the views or opinions of Mum’s Grapevine or any qualified medical professionals. We want you to know that any recommendations or information you choose to follow from within the groups is at your own risk, and Mum’s Grapevine takes no responsibility for any content posted.

We reserve the right to remove any posted messages in the groups at our sole discretion for any reason we see fit. However, please note that this does not mean that Mum’s Grapevine is taking responsibility for the information shared in the Facebook groups or in private messages between members. Our failure to remove any particular material does not mean that we endorse or accept it.

Please be mindful that while members may share their personal experiences with treatments or medicines, the Facebook groups are not a place to recommend or prescribe any form of treatment or medicine to others.

Lastly, we want to emphasize that Mum’s Grapevine does not support or validate any medical claims or evidence discussed within the forum.

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