Product Tester Applications

Product Tester Application

Hello lovely ladies,

Welcome to the Mum’s Grapevine Product Tester program.

Each week we have loads of products to test and the best bit is you get to have your say and keep all the amazing designer products we send you.

In order to get started simply fill in your details below, including your due date (if pregnant) and the age of all your children, and we’ll reach out when we have suitable products for you to test.

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Current callouts

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Previous callouts

VTech Pan and Tilt baby monitor testers wantedVTech RM5762 Pan & Tilt Video Monitor with Remote Access

We’re looking for four mums to test out the VTech RM5762 Pan & Tilt Video Monitor with Remote Access.

Applications closed.



Kodak Cherish C225 Smart baby monitor

Kodak C225 Smart Baby Monitor

We’re looking for three mums to test out the Kodak C225 Video Baby Monitor.

See here for details.



The Ten Active maternity activewearThe Ten Active

We’re looking for 10 mums to be part of The Ten Active ‘design team’.

Applications closed.





Oricom 740 Video Baby Monitor Product Testers wantedOricom SC740 Baby Monitor

We’re looking for three mums to test out products from the Oricom SC740 Baby Monitor.

See here for details.



Gilly Goat

We’re looking for eight mums to test out products from the Gilly Goat range.

See here for details.




BAE the Label

We’re looking for four expecting mums to test out the BAE the Label range.

See here for results.



MOBY Move baby carrierMoby Move Baby Carrier

We’re looking for two mums to test out the Moby Move Baby carrier.

See here for results.



Ultimate Sleep

We’re looking for three expecting mums to test out Ultimate Sleep Pregnancy Pillows.

See here for results.


Jen Hamilton WOTbaby

WOTBaby Sleep Consultation

We’re looking a mums to test out a sleep consultation with WOTBaby.

Applications Closed.


Wearable night light for mums

Meelight portable baby night light

We’re looking for one mum-to-be who is about to have her baby to test out the Meelight with her newborn.

See here for results.


LOVESILK Fitted Cot Sheets

LOVESILK Fitted Cot Sheets

We’re looking for three mummas with babies who have bald spots on the back of their heads.

See here for results.


Kodak Cherish Monitor review callout

Kodak Smart Home Cherish525

We need one mumma with a baby who is about to transition into their cot, into their own room.

See here for results.


Brolly Sheets review

Brolly Sheet set

We need three mums with kiddos aged between four and six-years-old to test out Brolly Sheet waterproof bedding.

See here for results.


ergoPouch Sleepbag Packs

We need eight mums to test ergoPouch Sleepbags and Layer sets. Applications accepted from new mums and 3rd-trimester mum to be’s.

See here for results.


Modibodi product review


3 pregnant testers and 3 new mums received Modibodi Leak-Proof Maternity Briefs and Modibodi Leak-Proof Breastfeeding Singlets.

See here for results.




8 new mums received a 3 month supply of WaterWipes to test.

See here for results.

Applications Closed 14 May, 2018.


VTech Pan & Tilt Video Monitor Tester Club

VTech Baby Monitor

4 mums with young babies tested the VTech Baby Monitor.

See here for results.

Applications Closed 7 May, 2018.



HelloFresh meal boxesHelloFresh

8 mums received HelloFresh boxes for six weeks to trial.

See here for results.



Oricom Secure870 Touchscreen Monitor

3 mums received an Oricom Secure870 Touchscreen Monitor to test and keep.

See here for results.




Range of Aldi Mamia Supafit nappies

ALDI Mamia Nappies

10 mums received ALDI Mamia Nappies to test.

See here for results.