Starting Solids Checklist

Everything you could possibly need to start solids. Use our list to discover what's available and why you might need it, then create your own checklist or download ours.

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Organising your Starting Solids Gear

Ever been stuck in a "nap trap"? It's when your baby nods off during breastfeeding, and you're afraid to budge in case they wake up. Having all your essentials within arm's reach is a real lifesaver.

Understanding Your Starting Solids Gear

You don’t have to buy everything on this list. We’ve spent 16 years researching products to start solids and we've put together this list of absolutely everything you might find useful, along with reasons why.

Now it’s your turn to choose what works for you.


A baby food maker is an all-in-one device that steams and blends fruits, vegetables, and meats, simplifying the process of preparing homemade baby food. It’s ideal for parents looking to avoid preservatives and make homemade babyfood.

A bib keeps clothing clean and manages the mess during meal times. Look for waterproof, easy-to-clean materials for added convenience.

A booster seat securely attaches to dining chairs, raising your child to a comfortable height at the table. It’s a space-saving alternative to a high chair for older infants and toddlers.

Cook books are specialised books for baby and toddler meals provide inspiration and guidelines for nutritious, age-appropriate foods, helping parents diversify their child’s palate.

Kids cutlery is baby-sized forks and spoons encourage self-feeding and fine motor skill development. Choose utensils with soft, grip-friendly handles for little hands.

A dishwasher net is a handy bag keeps small items like baby cutlery and teething toys from getting lost in the dishwasher, ensuring they’re cleaned safely and effectively.

Dispensing spoons are ideal for on-the-go feeding, this spoon allows you to directly feed baby purees from the pouch, minimizing mess and making mealtime simpler when out and about.

A food blender is a blender with varying speeds and a pulse option can create smooth purees for younger babies and more textured foods for older ones, catering to all stages of weaning.

A food catcher: is attached to high chairs, and collect dropped food, reducing waste and cleanup time. They’re particularly useful as babies learn to feed themselves.

Freezer Pods are silicone trays are perfect for freezing individual portions of homemade baby food, making it easy to thaw exactly what you need and minimize waste.

A fresh food feeder is a mesh or silicone feeder that holds fresh food, allowing babies to safely chew and suck on larger pieces of food. It’s a great way to introduce solids and soothe teething gums.

A high chair is a secure, elevated space for babies to eat and interact with the family at meal times. Look for chairs with adjustable height and recline positions to grow with your child.

High chair footrest is a footrest to a high chair can help improve your child’s posture and comfort during meals, promoting better eating habits.

Insulated food jars keep baby’s meals warm or cold for hours when you’re on the move. These jars are a must-have for day trips and longer outings.

Insulated lunch bags are perfect for storing and transporting baby’s meals, snacks, and drinks at the right temperature, especially useful for full days out.

A masher is a simple tool to mash steamed fruits and vegetables into a texture suitable for babies. It’s ideal for quickly preparing small portions without the need for electronic gadgets.

Placemats are silicone placemats stick to tables, keeping dishes in place and making cleanup easier. They often come in fun shapes and colors, appealing to children.

Pouched food is convenient and portable, pouched food is a quick solution for meals on the go. Many brands offer organic and nutritionally balanced options.

Reusable food pouches are filled with homemade purees for an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to single-use pouched food. They’re easy to clean and great for on-the-go feeding.

Sippy cups are transition cups from bottle to regular cups, designed with spill-proof features and easy-to-grip handles. They help develop drinking skills.

A smock bib offers full coverage, smock bibs protect clothing during particularly messy meals. They’re long-sleeved and typically waterproof.

Snack cups have soft, flexible openings that let little hands reach in for a snack without causing spills, perfect for on-the-go snacking.

A splash mat is placed under the high chair, a splash mat catches spills and crumbs, protecting floors and making post-meal cleanups easier.

Baby spoons are soft, silicone spoons that are gentle on baby’s gums. Spoons with a shallow tip make it easier for babies to eat from.

Stick Blenders are compact alternative to traditional blenders, perfect for blending small batches of baby food directly in the cooking pot for quick and easy meal prep.

Storage containers are essential for storing and freezing homemade baby food in portions. Look out for BPA free.


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