Calling all Schleich collectors

If you (oh, and the kids) love Schleich animals then you’ll know these beautiful hand-painted toys don’t just live anywhere. Give them their own home […]

Butt out

There is a reason every parent takes nudie baby photos: baby butts are just too cute! Farm animal butts are not so cute, unless you […]

Puzzling procession

No itsy bitsy puzzle pieces here. We like our puzzling big and beautiful and the giant Djeco Animal Parade Puzzle delivers. Captivating artwork is a […]

Cuddly snuggly hoodie

Join the tribe and have some nature inspired winter fun, celebrity style, with SpiritHoods. These faux fur hoods-meet-scarves are a unique accessory for winter that […]

Where the wild things play

Is that a mouse, scampering through your house? Or maybe a fox, running off with your socks? Perhaps it’s a chick or an owl that […]

Eco barnhouse

With a shady verandah and red, swinging barn doors, this amazing Barnhouse from Anamalz is made from sustainable timber and is the perfect eco-friendly place […]

Imagination ride

These handmade beasts are straight out of a child’s wildest dreams and most fabulous fantasies. No horses or bicycles thanks Mum – in the world of […]

Animal magnetism

Everyone needs a hug sometimes and you’re guaranteed to get one from these little guys! They’ll hug just about anything with their magnetic hands and […]

Kalimba handmade soft toys

Imagination companions

Poor old ted won’t get a look in now that we’ve seen these fantastic characters by Kalimba – they look like something conjured by a child’s imagination. […]

Rosendahl wooden toys

Wooden menagerie

If you prefer your toys inexpensive and disposable, stop reading now. These Rosendahl wooden animals are full of warmth and classic Scandinavian beauty – as […]

The apple of my eye

A is for Apple Park where these cuties play and A is for off-the-scale adorable! Right out of the pages of the Picnic Pals story […]

Childhood chums

Like something from a child’s imagination or their latest crayon-scrawled masterpiece, these sweet softies by Blabla convey the carefree innocence of a happy childhood. Handcrafted from natural […]

Fiesta crafts animal masks

Farm fancy dress

Old MacDonald had a mask! Bring farmyard fun indoors with this set of four plush face masks from J.I.P. Soft and simple to wear, these clever […]

Goki 'My Little Zoo' play set

Wild imagination

Daddy’s taking us to the zoo tomorrow … and we can play all day! Your little monkeys can design and create an animal world every […]

Animalz Dinosauz

Prehistoric pals

If you think there’s nothing new about dinosaurs, take another look. These handcrafted creatures are intriguing in their simplicity. Made from sustainable wood and textiles with bendy body parts […]