Don’t box me in

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the ultimate toy is a cardboard box. Makedo has once again made the box better with […]

Flat out fun

Anyone who was once a kid understands the appeal of a cardboard box and it’s unlimited play potential. Well, there are boxes and then there […]

Flat out fun

They play with the box anyway, so don’t even bother with the toy! These fantastic cardboard creations are an easy-make project that provide hours of environmentally friendly play. And when […]

KidsOnRoof 'Totem' construction kits

Cardboard jungle

These cardboard construction kits by KidsOnRoof mix cool urban imagery with imaginative forms – and the result is a surprisingly beautiful toy that will get […]

Green Lullaby recycled cardboard doll's cradle

Green lullaby

Save the world, one play day at a time, with Green Lullaby‘s My Green Doll Cradle. Created lovingly from 100% recycled cardboard, this beautiful, eco-friendly design […]

Rolobox kids' wheel kit for boxes

Roller coaster

It’s Boxing Day, and that’s what you’re surrounded by – boxes! Along with wrapping paper, ribbons, deflated party hats and a fridge full of leftover […]

Calafant cardboad toys from Just Toy'n Around

Set design for play

Whether it’s a princess, pirate, knight or jungle boy who lives at your house, there is a Calafant cardboard toy to delight every child. These creative constructions […]