8 Awesome DIY Jewellery Projects

8 Awesome DIY Jewellery Projects

Forget forking out for Tiffany’s …. these awesome DIY jewellery tutorials show you how to make showstopping accessories out of ordinary objects, craft supplies and […]

Flat pack designer

Attach piece B to piece A while holding piece C at a 90 degree angle. Flat pack furniture … it can drive you crazy. Grab […]

Draw your own lampshade kit

Illuminating artwork

Handmade is hip. Modern art is in. And your kids are the newest abstract artists to burst on to the scene! Immortalise their charismatic doodles […]

WoodWorx Pull Back Racers - DIY kit

Pit stop

Turn your kitchen floor into an F1 racetrack with Colorific’s new Wood WorX Pull Back Racers. Each kit contains everything you need to create two […]

Djeco creative art boxes

DIY masterpiece

When they’ve graduated from egg cartons and finger painting, older kids with a creative streak will delight in Djeco‘s stunning art products. This clever French […]

Rolobox kids' wheel kit for boxes

Roller coaster

It’s Boxing Day, and that’s what you’re surrounded by – boxes! Along with wrapping paper, ribbons, deflated party hats and a fridge full of leftover […]