Handmade Family Portrait dolls Etsy

Modern families

Whether your family is two dads and a baby, a single mum with twins, or grannie looking after four boys, Timo Handmade family dolls let you […]

MountRoyalMint soft felt bear

Sweet soft bear sculptures

Capturing our hearts and imagination, the beautiful felt soft sculptures from MountRoyalMint are all unique and handmade. This particular one is the special “Christmas Spirit” […]

Roving Ovine handmade dolls

Roving Ovine handmade dolls

These sweetly detailed handmade dolls from Roving Ovine are beautifully bright-eyed and huggable. Dressed to the nine, complete with bows and hair clips, tiny ballet […]

Kalimba handmade soft toys

Imagination companions

Poor old ted won’t get a look in now that we’ve seen these fantastic characters by Kalimba – they look like something conjured by a child’s imagination. […]

Monkey and Me sock monkeys

Monkey needs a home

Cheeky, cute and full of personality – just like your little monkey! These sock monkeys are not your average softie. Each one is lovingly handmade and completely unique, […]

Hand crochet toys by Anne-Claire Petit for Clucky

Pretty knitty

There’s nothing quite as special as a beautifully crafted, handmade toy. But if Gran’s crochet skills aren’t quite up to the task, you can always […]

Cuckoo For Coco dolls and owls

Kooky cuddles

You’ll go cuckoo for these quirky and character-filled dolls and owls by Cuckoo For Coco. Each one is handmade, unique and limited edition. The designer […]

Makedo connector system available from Eco Toys

Out of the box

It’s a familiar scene – your child playing with the box instead of the toy that came inside it. Well, this time the toy is […]

Back to basics

Before the arrival of batteries and plastic bits, toys were made with care and love. Simply beautiful, these handmade rattles are sure to become a […]