Rainbow robots

Areaware‘s low-tech wooden robots have gone tiny and technicolour with the launch of Micro Cubebots. At 4.25 inches tall (10.8 cm), these pint-sized poseable toys […]

Wooden robots by Go Home

Bendable bots

No one can dance quite like Gyrobot and Sumobot from the Woodies Collection by Go Home Junior. Bend and pose these eco-friendly robots every which […]

Albert Jnr robot hook available from Kido Store

The strong and silent type

This miniature strongman will be happy hanging out all day on your wall. His angled robotic claws and cool industrial look make him smarter than […]

Mamas & Papas - Marvin and Botsy available at Tarbea

Bots of love

These squishy little robots will program their way in to your heart! From the Mamas & Papas ‘Bits and Bots’ range, Marvin and Botsy are […]