hereO GPS watch tracking kids

Modern toddler tracking

Little kids sure can move. Fast! Their curious little minds and speedy little legs take them off in all directions before you know what’s happened. […]

Playful plasters

What is a sure fire way to make any boo boo better? A quick kiss from mum and a funky plaster from Ouch! Whether you […]

Fix up fun

Childhood is a bumpy ride and boo boos happen. Making everything OK again is simple with first aid essentials on hand and these adorable kits are […]

Adventure aid

Yay for summer! Your days are filled with outside play, park adventures, thrilling scooter rides, trips to the beach … and perhaps a few tumbles […]

Safe and found

In that moment when you loose sight of your most precious person, your heart stops. Be reunited quicker when your child is wearing Safe T […]

Ready to rock

Over nursery rhymes? Time to move on to Dad’s back catalogue of vinyl. Edz Kidz baby ear muffs can be worn from 6 months old, […]