Recipe: Yummy fruit crumble

Adapt this scrummy fruit crumble recipe to include any firm fruits you like: pears, strawberries, rhubarb, apples. If you use a food processor it’s almost […]

Chocolate bread

Recipe: Chocolate bread

What’s better than bread? CHOCOLATE BREAD. Sorry, but your banana bread and fruit toast just got bumped, this is the new fancy bread in town. […]

Coconut cupcakes recipe

Recipe: Coconut cupcakes

A food processor makes these cute coconut cupcakes a cinch! A tangy, drizzly lemon icing is the perfect foil for the heady coconut flavour. Just […]

Apple Muffins Recipe

Recipe: French-style apple muffins

Ooh la la! These French-style muffins created by KitchenAid are little golden parcels of deliciousness, dusted with cinnamon. The sliced apples on top create a […]