20 baby doll accessories for endless play

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Poppie doll toys and accessories

Playtime with their favourite toys opens up the wonderful world of pretend play. And with a few beautiful baby doll accessories for their special ‘baby’, that magical world becomes a whole lot bigger and brighter.

Baby doll accessories provide toddlers with the added extras they need to be able to mimic family life. Doll beds give dollies a snug spot for reading and resting, and doll carriers keep little besties close all day long.

From teeny dolls’ shoes and clothing to tiny bassinets, we’ve scoured our favourite shops to find itty-bitty additions for bae’s favourite friend.

20 baby doll accessories for special friends

Children learn so much about the world from playing with dolls. Extend their adventures with some adorable accessories and watch young imaginations flourish.

Here are 20 doll accessories for imaginative play:

Doll Clothing

The Little Boho Rainbow Dolls Clothing

Hand-embroidered and drenched in boho beauty, these darling dresses are being snapped up by kiddies wanting to match their doll. That’s right – the dresses are available for dolls and children (up to size 3). We want!

Buy Now from Etsy

Doll Bassinet

Tiny Harlow Doll Bassinet

Tiny Harlow Dolls Bassinet ($239)

Dolls need a beautiful beautiful place to rest their heads too. Taking the rattan trend to a whole new level, this dreamy bassinet is made by hand and something to be treasured for generations to come.

Buy Now from Tiny Harlow

Doll Bed Linen

Etty & Boo Dolls Bed Linen ($42)

With the bassinet sorted it’s only fair to give their tiny friend the fitted sheets and pillows too. Covered in a romantic blush rose print the fitted sheet is designed to fit most dolls beds and baskets.

Buy Now from Etty & Boo

Doll Blankets

Ginger & Pear Doll Blankets ($40)

When the summer months disappear and the cooler nights creep in, a luxe cotton blankie will keep their doll cosy and comfortable. Available in white, pink lemonade or mustard.

Buy Now from Ginger & Pear

Doll Wicker Basket

Olli Ella luggy dolls basket

Olli Ella Luggy Basket ($89)

Dolls very rarely stay in one room. This charming basket is the ideal mode of transport for moving their favourite toys from one spot to another.

Buy Now from Ollie & Ella

Doll Day Bed

Poppie Day Bed & Mattress ($149.95)

The life of a doll can be exhausting – all that playing, pretending and sitting pretty. A luxurious day bed is just the ticket for popping their feet up and having a well deserved afternoon nap.

Buy Now from Knock On Wood Toys

Doll Swing Chair

Poppie Toys Doll Egg Chair ($89.95)

One of our favourite doll accessories to date, this swinging chair screams hippie vibes of the 70s mixed with cool coastal vibes of small Australian towns. We’re completely smitten.

Buy Now from Knock On Wood Toys

Doll Shoes

Etty and Boo Doll Shoes ($12)

Dress up are even more fun when the dolls can get involved too. With white scalloped detail, ankle strap and buckle these dainty party shoes are all they need to go from drab to fab.

Buy Now from Etty & Boo

Doll Wagon

Tiny Harlow Dolls Wagon ($179)

Like a toy box on wheels, this smooth ride is ideal for kiddos running toys from room to room and doubles up as a great place to store them too!

Buy Now from Tiny Harlow

Doll High Chair

Have a Nice Day Doll High Chair ($130)

Playtime soon turns into mealtime and just like our tykes, dolls need somewhere to sit. The January high chair is made from premium grade plywood with a unique design that allows parents and children to assemble it together.

Buy Now from A Little Spirit

Doll Sleeping Bag

Cam Cam Doll Sleeping Bags

Cam Cam Dolls Sleeping Bag ($21.95)

For daytime naps and nighttime sleep, little ones will love making dolls snug as a bug in this gorgeous pint-sized sleepsuit.

Buy Now from Mini Nation

Doll Potty

Maileg doll potty

Maileg Doll Potty ($14.95)

Because dolly needs to go potty too!

Buy Now from Oskars Wooden Ark

Doll Teepee

Dolls Teepee by Nana Huchy in coral

Nana Huchy Doll Teepee ($198)

Great for a game of hide and seek, playing indoor ‘festivals’ or taking the fun outside, these doll’s teepees feature a roll-up window, indoor treasure pockets and pretty pom poms. What’s not to love?

Buy Now from Nana Huchy

Doll Beach House

Surf shack dolls house

Doll Surf Shack ($199)

It doesn’t get more laid back than your very own surf shack. Made from solid pine and rattan this perfect creation is a dream escape for those tiny (lucky!) dolls.

Buy Now from Such Great Things

Doll Baby Carrier

Bohemian Sand Mini Doll Carrier by Zarpar Bebe

Zarpar Bebe Mini Doll Carrier ($59)

Little ones love to mimic their mummas. With this clever doll carrier, your mini-me can carry their toy while you keep the newest babe close to your chest.

Buy Now from Zarpar Bebe

Doll Feeding Accessories

Make Me Iconic Doll Accessories Kit ($84.99)

The ultimate doll accessories pack. This cute little kit contains everything your babe and their babe needs for a fun afternoon of play. Bottles, sippy cups, bowls, brushes, teethers – it’s all right here!

Buy Now from Make Me Iconic

Dolls Pram

Hipkids wooden moon dolls pram

Hipkids Wooden Moon Doll Pram ($99.95)

Wheel right this way with a modern take on a traditional child’s pram. Made from birch wood and rubber grip wheels this beauty is great for practising those walking skills too.

Buy Now from HipKids


Doll Wardrobe

Tiny Harlow Doll Wardrobe ($199)

Dolls clothes are far too cute to get lost on the floor. This lovely little wardrobe ensures their tiny threads are always ready for the next round of dress-ups.

Buy Now from Tiny Harlow

Doll House

Pretty in Pine handmade dolls house

Pretty in Pine Dolls House ($150)

Designed to attach to the walls, this stunning dolls house lets little ones display their dolls with pride. Available with or without furniture.

Buy Now from Pop & Oli

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